Catalog Number1153
Calendar Date-1530 September 28
Eclipse Time12:47:59
Delta T (s)35719
Lunation Number-43652
Saros Number22
Eclipse TypeT
Quincena Solar Eclipsep-
Penumbral Magnitude2.214
Umbral Magnitude1.1547
Penumbral Eclipse Duration (m)349.7
Partial Eclipse Duration (m)211.7
Total Eclipse Duration (m)60


elizabethhernandez on 2018-04-03:

Basically it’s just an extension of dreaming. During certain periods when we sleep, our brains create a series of themed visions that bring in elements of our world and experience. We usually do this in a few different bursts overnight and the majority of such dreams are forgotten completely by the time we lavender bar soap up. (There’s a few different theories as to WHY we dream, but that’s a different topic that’s not needed for this answer.) Some of these visions are quite wild and can do a number on us, creating sensations of fear or other emotions that cause our bodies to react, because our brain controls our body’s movement as it goes on its crazy voyage. Dogs sometimes kick when sleeping, as if they are running from or to something; humans can toss and turn when a nightmare hits, or talk as they relive or experience a stressful situation.